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Mr. Peep$ is one of Ke$ha’s cats. He’s a traditional Siamese cat, supposedly born sometime in January 2012.

Ke$ha refers to Mr. Peep$ as her best friend, and brings him almost everywhere.

Mr. Peep$ is somewhat of a fashionista, being one of the only cats in the world with a gigantic wardrobe - (Although his outfits are rarely shown).

Aside from his wardrobe, he also has his own suitcase - due to travelling a lot. He is also seen participating in many of Ke$ha’s photoshoots.
In early December 2012, he was given his own Twitter account, his account got verified in March 2013. 


Mr. Peep$ was rumored to be have been born in Russia, but Ke$ha's manager, Monica Cornia, confirmed that the young cat was formerly a stray. Mr. Peep$ was found by a Russian man near a strip club. The man later handed Mr. Peep$ to Ke$ha through her car window the night of July 1, 2012. 


Mr. Peep$ is supposedly part of Ke$ha's second album, Warrior. Ke$ha uploaded a picture of the concept art which shows two cats. One of the cats appears to be a Ragdoll kitten, but has been rumored to be Mr. Peep$. Ke$ha refers to Mr. Peep$ in the booklet for Warrior by thanking him; "And a special thanks to Mr. Peep$. For being so motherfucking cute".
Mr. Peep$ was originally going to be in the music video for "C'Mon", but was denied the part due to being overweight. However, he made an appearance in the music video for "Crazy Kids".

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